Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Carpet for the upstairs

So, as outlined in the recent upstairs tour of the house, we had to remove the hallway and guest bedroom carpet since they got soaked in the flood.
We threw around the idea of putting in hardwood floors in the hallway and then just new carpet in the guest bedroom and the new bedroom that was created out of the bonus room, but I really like the softness and quietness of carpet with kids running around.
(especially because they fall down, and because the hallway includes the stairway, the idea of them falling down on hardwood stairs just hurt my momma heart)
We weren't really planning on replacing carpet anytime soon as it had been in pretty good shape for being almost 20 years old, but having a transition from new hallway carpet to old carpet in some of the bedrooms would be new carpet throughout the upstairs (5 bedrooms, two hallways, and the stairs) was the conclusion.

Last Friday was the installation day.

We pulled out the carpet ourselves for a couple reasons. One, to save money, but a bigger reason was so that we would have time to find and secure the insane amount of squeaks.

 {whoever installed the carpet left razor blades and cigarette butts underneath, charming}

 {we moved all of our furniture into other rooms, bathroom seen here}

 {carpet pad down}

...and new carpet, hooray!

It's so soft and comfy.

I'll leave you with a picture of a cute baby, which also happens to be a close up of the carpet pattern/colors. 

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