Monday, June 2, 2014

Upstairs at Ten Months

Alrighty, finally getting around to showing the upstairs.
Although truthfully, even though we've lived here ten months, I haven't done too much to the upstairs as I'm trying to get the downstairs whipped into some sort of shape first.

Here we go...

Upstairs foyer when we moved in...

...and now. Painted the railing black.

Just looking at the completed trim again, I'm enamored.

Master bedroom when moving in...

...and now. Just ignore the cute little monkey climbing on my bed.

I painted our room the day before heading out for the month long Utah trip. This color is so much more 'me'.

For almost six years we had no TV to speak of, but a coworker of Curt's/almost neighbor was looking to give this away so we thought 'why not'.  We don't have cable or even regular TV, but at least now we can watch movies in bed.

Andrew was kind enough while visiting this past weekend to help bring up this recliner so Curt now has a reading spot upstairs and down {he falls asleep within minutes of starting to read in bed}.

...and heading into our bathroom...skipped before pictures because {unfortunately} it looks almost identical to when we moved in.

{oh, besides this light fixture update} closet...

...Curt's closet...

Oh man, I do not like red. But I am dreading the removal of the wallpaper in this vaulted space.
Especially because I'll need to skim coat and sand down the walls before priming and painting. Ugh.

Since before we moved in Curt's sink has had small wrinkle cracks all over due to a leaky faucet.

Beware, the toilet seat slides all over when you sit down.

Really, if I get around to it, I would love to just gut the room.
Whirlpool tubs give me the heeby jeebies and I could build in some beautiful linen storage if I could just put in a nice free standing tub.

But, it is an awesomely huge space with lots of potential.

Evie's room before...

...and now

Des' room before...

...and now

Guest bedroom before...

...and now

please note the lovely piles of stuff still hanging around.
I need to just put art on the walls, even before I get around to painting, but that just doesn't seem natural for me.

Kids/guest bathroom before...

please notice the awful wallpaper + poorly done spackle texture + fleshy brown paint combo

...and now...mid remodel...
I think that little alcove above the tub was a window to the outside before the party room addition.
I'm going to make it go away though.

 all the layers were taken down, which was not easy,  but then it revealed damage from a leaky roof.
Not just old damage, it gets wet whenever it rains.
We knew we would need to replace the roof within a few years, but this moved it to a higher priority, so I'm getting bids now.

Well, I'm kind of embarrassed at the next few spaces, but I do like to have the record for {hopefully soon} a contrast to when they're tackled and bear with me.
 Laundry room before...

...and now

 Bonus room before...

...and now

Although I do love these little stools below the window. The babies use them to wave and blow kisses goodbye to their Daddy in the mornings as he's leaving for work.

 And then, the room we spend a lot of time in, the party room.

...and now.

This is it cleaned up. Most of the time it looks like a toy bomb went off because this is where all of the toys are and where we spend most of our time.
I love love love that this mess stays tucked away here though.

I took the wine rack down and patched the hundreds of holes in the walls and painted.

And that concludes this tour.
Phew, lot of rooms. Definitely understand if people don't make it through these house posts, but I sure love having them for reference.

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Sharee said...

Just so you know, I totally made it through your house posts AND enjoyed them. I love how handy you are.

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