Saturday, July 26, 2008

Utah Trip: Last Day

We got home from Grassy and headed straight for the showers. We were Dirty with a capital D. I had to clean up little, Shane size footprints off of Mom's nice and clean tile floors.

There were so many friends that I wanted to see while in Utah but didn't have the friends the Gehrke's, my co-workers at Castlewood, my friend Larry (who I just barely informed that I moved to Michigan, oops), my friend Allyson. Grrr. Maybe next time.

Overall a very fun/satisfying trip.

Helaman came up from Orem to play cards with us Saturday night. It was the first time that we've been able to see him since he got back from Iraq.

Shane is so GQ. He should be a little Ralph Lauren model.
*Of course, he would probably need braces before that could happen.

Lane and Nina sleeping on the couch Sunday afternoon. I'll have to do a how-to post on how I painted those walls. Also note the cool side tables and lamps....a salvage find and a Walmart piece...doesn't get any better than that.

Me and Curt

Shane and Melynda eating a fantastic roast dinner. Yeah, I can't wait until I have a real kitchen again.

Lane poking Mom.

Curt making a face.

Take 1: I don't think either Mom or I knew the picture was being taken.

Take 2: There we go...smiles.

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