Saturday, July 26, 2008

And now, the moment we've been waiting for...

...we have FOOTINGS people!
This was a picture we took Monday after we got home.

Here is a picture taken from the back corner. The unexcavated portion will be the garage, the closest corner will be the living room, the corner on the right will be the kitchen, and the far corner is the entry and dining/piano room...actually it technically is the basement, but we're pretending we're a floor up already.

Looking at what will be the front porch.

Our hole.
*Note that that power box and pole are in the process of being moved.

...and now we have FOUNDATION WALLS!
This is a picture we took today.
Again, looking at the front of the house that will be the front porch.

This is a window buck. It keeps the concrete out of the area for the window frame and window that will be there. These are pretty awesome foundation wall forms. See how they will make the concrete look like bricks? They are also made out of aluminum, not wood. Expensive, but handy and durable. They will probably come strip these off after the weekend is over.

These are straps embedded into the concrete that are used to attach things when they start framing.

Again, the unexcavated corner will be the garage.

Our pretty backyard with a big pile of dirt in it.

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