Saturday, July 5, 2008

Ann Arbor driveby

So, I have some more pictures of cool buildings in Ann Arbor. I apologize, some of them are not as centered as I would have liked...but I was taking them out of our sunroof while Curt was driving so I count myself lucky that I got them in the picture at all.

This is a building that is part of the arboretum (see following post for more details).

This is someone's private residence who had their backyard butting up against the wilderness preserve. Talk about an awesome place to build.

Looks like the University of Michigan is expanding their medical facilities.
They have some very big construction projects going on right now...I think they are the only entity in the state building much right now...

An entrance to a cemetery that I thought was pretty.

A building on U of M campus. It's labeled as some kind of lodge. I like it.

I don't like this last picture much, it's visually uninteresting and has a light pole obscuring the building...but it's the only one where I managed to include that turret. I have a weakness for turrets.

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