Friday, July 4, 2008

Phase 10 update and 'the book'

I believe we have previously mentioned our addiction to the game 'Phase 10'. I just figured I would let the whole world know how skilled I am. We regularly play against each other (Yes, Andrew, just the two of us) and have been keeping a running tally. For those who care, I (Curt) have emerged from the non-blogosphere to proclaim my continually victory! As of now, the tally is 19 wins for me and 13 wins for Carmen. I remember from a statistics class that 30 is the smallest number of samples for a study to be 'statistically significant', but I'm not sure of all the details to determine whether this meets the other requirements. I'll probably be taking another stats class soon (and have no desire to dig up my old textbooks right now), so for now, we'll stick to my non-scientific methods and say that statistics has proven me a better player. Love you, Carmen!

This is a picture of 'the book'. We don't play a round of phase 10 without it. In fact, we brought it with us on our most recent trip to Florida and I think passed along the idea. This is just a small notebook I got through work, and we only use it to keep track of our scores. Silly, I know, but we jokingly call it our family legacy, since we play so much.


Shauna said...

We started our own Phase 10 Score Book tonight for posterity! It was Grandpa, Grandma, Jenni, Andrew, Dad, and me.....Dad won!

Cathi said...

I love this idea and I love Phase 10!
Now, in your score book...just who exactly are U & A?

Curt Hostetler said...

Oh, I probably should have explained...typically when I keep score, I only use the first initial of the person. Since both our names start with 'C', and I don't want to have to write our full names each time, I use the second letter in each of our names...lazy I know, but it works!

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