Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Utah trip: Day 2

When I was a kid this sign was an amazingly exciting thing, it meant we were almost there.

Everywhere you turn there are more beautiful vistas. On a 4 wheeler ride one morning Curt and I saw a large doe and a young buck in the trees along side the trail.

I was so pleased that both Grandma and Grandpa Losee were able to make it.

This is a relic counter top from the demolition at my Dad's house. He and Lane found some logs for legs and put it to use. At first, I was skeptical to the idea, but it turned out to be really handy.

Can't get enough of this pretty view. You may notice some of the dead pines. Pine beetles have infested the forest, killing off vast tracts of the pine trees. But this makes way for a new cycle of the aspen tree dominance.

Three of my boys.
Curt, Lane, Daddy.

Lane, Curt, Me, Dad, and Uncle Vance.

Me and Lane going for a ride.
*Please disregard the dangerous wearing of flip flops on my feet, I promise I was a good girl the rest of the trip*

Shaners with his very first fish.
Don't let the nonchalance pictured fool you, he was freaking out.
(He was also grossed out by the gutting process, which I made him at least watch Dad do, that's part of fishing)

The wild flowers were profuse. This was smack dab in the middle of our campground.

Lane in the boat and Shane in the water.

My hubby up on a cool rock.

Shaners and Curt up on the rock.

The view, literally from our camp. Wonderful.

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Sharee said...

I think I was too young to appreciate how beautiful it is up there! The pictures are brilliant!

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