Tuesday, November 6, 2007

wahoo for more old pictures

Another post for Lane, my brother who is a missionary in Texas. Sorry parents if you feel any discomfort with pictures posted from when you were married, but I love them and I know Lane will too. And anyways, this is my blog so I figured I can do what I want. (I figure you'd really be OK with them anyways)

This is Melynda, Lane, and Me in the MTC the day he left. Isn't he cute? My brother, David, goes in a week from tomorrow. Crazy.

Blast from the past. Same three: Melynda, Me, and Lane. Look at that RED hair.

Ha Ha. Since we're talking about missionaries...look at these two studs visiting with dad. He He.

Here's me and Melynda at grandma L's at Christmas time. At this point she was still shorter than me like a little sister should be (she passed me up shortly after).

Look at how stylin' mom is...I think we've come full circle and these sleeves are back in. Daddy always was one for a pimpin' three piece suit.

Mom and Dad outside the Mesa temple. Notice the dress that they were so thoughtful to vacuum seal....

So I could wear it 23 years later (sans hoop skirt and poofy sleeves, Thank you grandma, you are the absolute best!)


Shauna said...

Love the photos and memories! I was hoping you would show the before and after dress. It was gorgeous both times!!!

Tara Ann said...


That is the most beautiful dress ever! I love it so much. The neckline is similar to my moms, but she did not vacuum seal hers. You look gorgeous! Maybe I should go get mine vacuum sealed.

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