Sunday, November 25, 2007

Hole in our wall...

Any of you that have visited our house know that we had an unusual feature/drawback. Our master bedroom had a 95" x 30" hole in the wall allowing you to look down into the living room. Now this has been alright for us, as we live in our house for the most part just the two of us. But for anyone with kids this would be just a tad weird, thus being an anti-selling feature when we sell this house. Well, this holiday weekend I have solved the problem. I built two frames, one for living room side of the hole and one for the bedroom side, and then sandwiched two layers of wallpaper (chosen to complement each room) and two layers of plexi-glass in between them.

All in all this project cost about $150 ($80 of that coming from the plexi-glass), not too bad. Much better than if I were to frame the opening out and hire one of my drywallers to finish it.

Sorry, I always forget to take a picture at the starting point of a project, so here is when only one frame had been installed.

Here is the finished product as seen from the living room...

...and as seen from our master bedroom.

And seeing as how our house was clean (a relatively rare occurance) I am going to go ahead and post more pictures.


Brock & Kim said...

Cute Carma, you always impress me with your abilities. Are you planning on selling your house soon?

Shauna said...

Great fix! You are amazing!

Carmen said...

We'll see, Curt is planning on going back to school to get an MBA starting next fall. We'd like to do that in Michigan.

pinkjagxj said...

Shauna's friend here again. You are truly one talented gal!!

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