Friday, November 23, 2007

I didn't burn the turkey!!!!

So, this was the first year that I've gotten the opportunity (ahem) to do Thanksgiving dinner. With a little bit of luck (and some in house help from Dad and Curt and some over the phone coaching from Mom) it was pretty dang successful if I say so myself. It was a small group this year: Mom was at work, Jann was with her family (in town for her father's funeral), and Tony was with his girlfriends family. Add those things with two missionaries gone and we get me, Curt, Dad, Mina, and Shane. It was a fun afternoon/evening.

The turkey all wrapped up

All done and the house is still standing.

Curt and I

Man, the kids these days don't know what they're missing out on. We introduced Shane to popeye after dinner and think he will never be the same.

Me and La La (sorry for the blurriness, either the camera or I was being dysfunctional, equal chance for each possibility)

Daddy marking up some generator schematics to reflect some changes.

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B. Allred said...

Popeye? Are you trying to con that poor kid into eating spinach?

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