Monday, November 12, 2007

David's farewell....well thingy

Well, it finally came. The day David spoke in church before leaving on his mission. Me and Melynda sang (phew, no more brothers leaving for a while), and we had the family/friend shin dig afterwards. Again, these pictures are mainly for Lane as he missed out on the festivities (and just for you Lane I didn't put in any of the pictures taken in the remodeled living room/dining room so you still can be surprised).

David and Melynda

Dale and Camille

Shannon and Grandma (Shannon is Brian's wife)

Barbie, Roger, Justin, John, and Cindy

Brian, Audra, Keith, Curt

Shantal and Natasha

Melynda and Mr. Radack (aka Chris)

Nicole and Tony.

Melynda and Amanda...Melynda's new hair cut and color is so cute!


Shauna said...

I wish I could have been there!!!!

Brock & Kim said...

Carmen, I am glad you found me. Your blog is so cute, it was really fun to read up on your life.
Cute wedding pics too, I'm impressed with the dress. How long have you been married?

Carmen said...

we've been married now for a year and a half.

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