Monday, November 5, 2007

Disciplining Children

Yesterday while in sacrament meeting something happened that got me thinking so now I may do a little bit of ranting.

A lady came in late with her two children, a boy looking about 5 and a little girl maybe around 3. She sat on the row in front of us then quietly told the little boy to sit down next to her. He said no and then full-arm-swing hit her. She ignored him like nothing had happened and so he wound up and hit her again. She then just turned away from him and started settling her little girl in, leaving the boy to just wander the aisles. He stood right in front of Curt and just stared at him and then he turned his stare to me. I then reacted maybe a bit childish, but I glared at him and mouthed to him that he was not to hit his mother. He just kept staring at me with this stupid grin on his face. He eventually ended up sitting next to his mom. A little bit later though she must have said something to him because he retorted with a loud "No, Stupid" and when she ignored him he repeated it. Curt then leaned over to me and said that if one of our children ever disrespected me like that they wouldn't be able sit for a week. I agreed, because I would never take that. The mother ended up taking her children out for the second half of the meeting.

My feelings on this is that this mother needs to get a little self respect because she's ruining her children. I also probably think that she's the better of the parents (how scary is that) because this little boy has to be learning these things from somewhere and sadly I wouldn't be shocked if it were the father. Gosh, it seems like he hasn't a chance of being a decent human being. Things like this make me tired sad. Why is it so hard to just provide love and boundaries for children, it's what they need. Thankfully I could look around the chapel and see many, many examples of children being raised in awesome homes, but what about these lost children? At least this mother was trying in her own way to have good inputs, i.e. she at least brought them to church by herself and tries (feebly) to have interaction. There are so many other children that don't even have that.

Sigh, OK happy day from this point forward.

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