Tuesday, November 6, 2007

New Job

In an earlier post, I mentioned that I would be starting a new job. It's actually a new position within the same company. Previously I had been trading stocks and options for very active traders. I love trading and hope to do more in the future, unfortunately I realized that I wasn't doing my career any favors by staying there. As far as trading goes, I was part of the group that is considered the best of the best in the company, so that is definitely a good bullet on a resume. My new role is a lot slower paced, but probably helping people more. I am now more of a consultant, helping people diversify and re-balance their portfolios. I also will provide guidance and advice when clients don't know how to invest their assets.

While in school, I had a great professor who explained the analogy of 'S' curves. The picture above shows how technology is adopted, but the idea is the same. In your life/career, etc. you start out at the bottom, and if you are challenging yourself (which I feel you always should), there will initially be a steep learning curve. As you get better and gain more experience, things become easier. The danger is when you are at the top of the 'S' curve, because from there, you will either go sideways or down. I don't want to imply that I learned everything I could have ever learned in my previous role, but I did realize that there are other skills I need to acquire to prepare me for other roles I would like in the future. So essentially what I have done is move to another 'S' curve that is just to the right of my former 'S' curve, but with a higher starting point and, hopefully, a much higher end point.

I hope the analogy isn't too much for you, but that's how I think of it. If it didn't work, just think of it this way, I've made a lateral move in hopes of a higher ceiling as far as opportunities go. This also positions me well for future employment in a different location so I can work while attending school (more on that as it arises).

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Shauna said...

The S curve applies in every area of life... Excellent way to look at life, careers, education, relationships, phsycial health, etc.

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