Sunday, November 4, 2007


As I find myself saying a lot, better late than never. Halloween here was pretty anti climatic. We were so excited to hand out candy now that we have a house and live in an actual neighborhood, but it ended up that we didn't have many trick-or-treaters come at all, plus we only saw a total of one kid we know. How lame. So, we have tons of extra candy, which is something we don't really need.

I didn't get to see Shane on Halloween night, but here he is in part of his Harry Potter costume a little while ago. Maybe later I can steal a picture from my mom of the real night.

Curt was a devil. He had fangy teeth to go with it but they looked gross.

I was goth. Crazy that some people leave the house like this on a regular day. I had to scrub my face by 8:30 I couldn't stand it any longer. There's another picture that was taken where I looked even more like Marilyn Manson...I just don't think that I could bear to have that up for all to see.


Shauna said...

Carmen- those piercings look permanant! It hardly looks like you! You all look great!

Britney said...

I love the costumes!

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