Monday, October 22, 2007

We've been tagged...

So apparently we've been "tagged" (thanks Britney (: ), I usually do not participate in things like this (chain letters, chain emails, ect...) but these are fun reflections. I just am not going to tag someone else. If you are reading this and want to be tagged...go for it, consider it done.

5 Things

5 things I was doing 10 years ago (Carmen):
1. I was in 8th grade at Joel P. Jensen Middle School.
2. I was preparing to move for the first time in my life (big move, West Jordan to West Jordan)
3. I was getting my braces off
4. We had just had a little foster boy move in with us: my brother Tony who we were able to adopt several years later.
5. My dad had just started dating Jann, who is now my step-mother.

5 things I was doing 10 years ago (Curt)
1. I was in 11th grade at the School of the Arts
2. I had just started driving
3. I was working 2, and sometimes 3 jobs (piano teacher, McDonalds, and piano accompanist at a ballet studio)
4. I had a steady girlfriend who I was with for a while
5. I was probably applying to or thinking about applying to colleges

5 things on my to do list tomorrow(Carmen):
1. Go pay an obscene amount of money for a permit to start construction on a new townhouse building on one of my new projects.
2. Wash my 4-runner. I swear I took better care of my Saturn, which doesn't make sense because the 4-runner is a much nicer vehicle.
3. Take my little brother the golden snitch that I crafted for him as the final touch on his Harry Potter Halloween costume. He's been so excited about this costume that he's called me many times to work out details.
4. Track down my sister in order to practice the musical number we are doing for my brother's farewell in Nov. (I don't know what to call it, I guess they're not farewells anymore). We have known about this for months but the procrastination is still going on.
5. Hmmm...there are a million more things that I need to get done at work...I can't decide on a single final one.

5 things on my to do list tomorrow (Curt):
1. Go to work way too early (I am there by 6:30am)
2. Bring 'new job' donuts to work for coworkers (more on that later, I start a new position next week)
3. Wash Carmen's 4-runner, hey somebody's got to do it
4. Keep studying for the GMAT (I take it next month)
5. Write way too many e-mails, talk to way too many people, and place way too many trades at work

5 things that I would do if I had a million dollars(Carmen):
1. Buy a house specifically for the purpose of gutting it, renovating it, and then just having it as a rental unit.
2. Hmmm, pay for Curt's still upcoming graduate schooling.
3. Start another brokerage account, but one that Curt could just play around with stocks in.
4. Put the rest in a relatively safe, high-yield account just to grow.
5. I don't have another one; you'd think that I could do more with a million dollars, but realistically it's just not what it used to be.

5 things I would do if I had a million dollars (Curt):
1. Let Carmen do all of the above (man, I'm a good husband, and hey, I would get money to invest from the deal!)
2. Buy a car for me. I haven't needed a car for over a year, but hey, with a million bucks I could justify that I would only drive 10 miles a week.
3. Apply to a day MBA program instead of an evening one, since it would be okay that I took 2 years off work
4. Support missionaries who need financial backing
5. Plan a few nice trips to places far away

5 things I will never wear again(Carmen):
1. Huge bangs that 1/2 are curled up and 1/2 are curled down, then poofed.
2. Braces, thank goodness.
3. T-shirts that go down to my knees. (I was 4' nothing for the longest time)
4. Scrunchees.
5. A side pony tail.

5 things I will never wear again (Curt):
1. Plaid shorts
2. Glasses/Contact lenses (thank you Lasik!)
3. Long hair (it's going pretty fast anyways)
4. Fanny pack...don't laugh, you've all worn one at least once
5. I'm sure there's something else, I've seen pictures of how my Mom dressed us when we were little

5 Favorite Toys(Carmen):
1. My miter saw.
2. My table saw.
3. My compressor.
4. My nail gun.
5. Our camera.
(Notice the tools are all Carmen's, the Camera is 'ours', this is not a typo *Curt)

5 Favorite Toys (Curt):
1. The Wii (everyone should get one...oh and Guitar Hero III comes out this weekend!)
2. My new bike
3. Stereo stuff (lots of it)
4. Computer stuff (although I can never have enough)
5. Books - I know it's not a toy, but books are where I get the majority of my entertainment and where I spend most my leisure time.


Shauna said...

Fun memories.... are you sure you dont want me to make another pair of Dinosaur print shorts? Oh my....

Shauna said...

I could make matching Gator Print shorts!!

staci said...

hey carmen. sorry i didn't call when we were in town. i was actually going to call one night, but then corbin decided to be a fussy baby so i knew it wouldn't work out. but the next time we are in town, we should definately get together. i want to see your house!

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