Monday, October 8, 2007

Conference Weekend

We had a packed weekend with family in town.

Shane, Mom, Shauna, Jeff, Alison, and Curt at Leatherby's. Notice Shane finally lost both of his front teeth.

Everybody walking at Temple Square on Friday afternoon.
Shauna, Alison, Ron, Curt. Jeff is behind Ron but you can't see him.

The newly re-opened Tabernacle.

The Salt Lake Temple.

The boys (Jeff, Ron, Curt) at the Temple.

Conference on Saturday. We were lucky to be able to go to the Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon sessions.

This is the place monument on Sunday afternoon.
Me, Curt, Jeff, Alison.

Me and Curt up in the mountains Sunday afternoon.

Jeff and Alison up at Brighton ski resort Sunday afternoon (this is moments before Jeff whitewashed her).


Shauna said...

Totally, Totally FUN to be with you!!!!! Thanks

Britney said...

I love Leatherby's! I miss it every day! And it's so weird to see you in the snow and wearing coats. It's still so hot here!

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