Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Our finished (almost) guest bedroom

So we have finished the majority of the work in our guest bedroom just in time for company to show up tomorrow. Next large scale project...I think granite counter tops in the kitchen and staining the cabinets darker. But that may be in the spring because I need a breather before another big one (Curt would probably say our checkbook needs a small breather also, because no matter how much I'm saving by doing everything myself, it's still a lot to get good materials).

(drum roll into a TA DA) Here is the finished product.....

Here is a better picture of the finished paint treatment.

Here I am at the very beginning, taking out a strip of carpet so we could build in bookshelves. Notice all of the stark white walls to accent the white berber carpet which looks ever so nice with the nasty veneer doors.

We went from whitest white to about the darkest you can go without being black. Curt helped me with this part by holding up the electronic level so the diamonds I was making with painters tape didn't start wandering. At this phase my family was having a hard time picturing the finished product and were saying things like "I know you've done good things in the past, but..." and "I don't know about this..."

The structural part of the shelves going in and the bead board going up.

More of the same.

Here is our new light fixture, it is very bright and we got the fluorescent bulbs so it is white light not yellow (even though it looks yellow in the picture).

Here's the old yucky, 8o's-esque light fixture that was up before.

All the finished bedding. I only broke one needle and went through over a whole spool of thread getting it done.

As the heading says, we are almost done with this room. Things left...1) finish white touch up paint on bookcases and take down tape 2) replace all doors with white doors 3) build window seat in section between bookcases 4) put in window so window seat actually is a window seat. Most of these will have to wait a bit until we recover some steam.


Britney said...

It looks good! You guys did a good job. I can't wait until we have a house to decorate.

Tara Ann said...

Wow! Carmen, you are so talented! I need to come see the projects that you have done in this house, or are there blog posts. I will look. Truly a work of art!

Carmen said...

Thanks Tara! I do blog post of a lot of the projects I do. I never feel like my list gets any shorter though (I'll admit though that that might be a product of never living in one place for over a year).

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