Wednesday, October 17, 2007

More of Autumn at My House...

I've always been a little nuts over trees... I love them. I can't wait to have the experience of living somewhere overwhelmed with trees (I've lived in Utah my whole life and in it's desert trees only live where they are planted and people take care of them). One of the things that made me want to look for a house in a older neighborhood rather than buy one of the new houses I build for a living is that they usually are surrounded/full of mature trees (the other reason is because I like to remodel, and older houses need more of it).

This is a view into my neighbor's yard. The people who owned our house before us did not have my love of trees, and there was not one in the entire back yard. We have planted four this year. Too bad we won't get the use of them as mature trees, but at least future people who live here can enjoy them.

The neighbor's tree from a previous fall post is losing it's leaves now.

These are two of the trees we planted. Their leaves are turning a beautiful yellow color.

Another neighbor's backyard. I love the fall colors.

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Shauna said...

Im with you on the trees. They bring so much peace and beauty..especially there when you get to see them at each season!

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