Saturday, October 20, 2007

My Christmas Present

I know, I know, I'm getting as ridiculous as the department stores by doing Christmas before Halloween. At any rate, I have my Christmas present early. When Curt got my wedding ring it came with the following band.

I did not think that it complemented the ring as it would cover some of the diamonds and metal work on the side of the ring, so I have always worn it without a band like this.

But for Christmas Curt has gotten me a band that goes well with the ring and is low profile enough that it only covers a little bit of the work on the side. How fun!

We got it at the same jewelry store that he bought the ring at. It's a place called Goldsmiths on University Ave. in Provo and it is the most amazing place ever. Most jewelry stores I will like one or two things in the whole store because there's nothing real original or impressive, but in every single display at Goldsmiths there are awesome pieces. We had been looking at bands for about a year now, and the one at Goldsmith's was half the price for better quality, it matched my ring's style better, and since we bought both our wedding rings there we get 20% off anything in the store for life. With their prices better than anyone in the first place how can we resist. They even soldered it together for me and rhodium plated the whole thing so that the new band wasn't so obviously newer than my wedding ring. I think that even when we move out of state we will have to only get jewelry when we visit Utah (ha, since we are great connoisseurs and buy jewelry often...if you can't tell that statement is dripping in sarcasm).

The trip to Provo also provided us an opportunity to go to an Indian restaurant called the Bombay House. This is where we had our very first date (way back in January of '04). He always tells me that one of his thoughts that night was "man, this chick has a lot of family, I would never be able to keep them all straight". He he, now he has had to get to know them all.

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Shauna said...

Merry Christmas! Ha! That band is perfect! They look like they were made together!

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