Thursday, October 11, 2007

Cool Old Pictures

So, this post is primarily because I have scanned a lot of awesome old pictures and I want to show some of them to my brother, Lane, who is on a mission in Texas. This is the easiest medium in which to do that. I hope others also can enjoy the poofy hair of the past.

This is my beautiful mother Melody I think in her late teens.

This is my mom and dad shortly after they were married. This is the house that I grew up in in West Jordan.

Oh boy, here's when I was born. I love the shag hair dad!

The joys of camping with kids. Here is Melynda throwing a fit while the rest of us smile for the camera.

My dad was a cute little kid who grew up on a farm.

He loved motorcycles and cars and trucks and basically anything with a motor (Still does).

Here's grandpa and dad. Grandpa always has one or two of these hats with a vent in them and another couple unique white hard hats. I've never seen these particular type anywhere else, so these are what I associate with him.

My dad in his element. "Ahh, just think of what I can do with all this stuff!" (AKA junk).

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Shauna said...

Wow..Love the pictures and the story about your dad and Uncle. What an honor for David to have his name and serve in the same area.

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