Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Utah, part I

We went out to Utah at the beginning of May.
We went because it had been a little while, we wanted to spend a little time with Lane and Kins before they moved to Boston for the summer, and to attend a dinner that we had been invited to.

On the flight out I took the three kids by myself.
Yes, I was very afraid.
But they were better than I could have asked and it worked out perfectly.

I have too many pictures so I'm breaking this into two posts.
I came out on Friday and Curt joined us Wednesday night, so maybe that's a good point to go into the next post.

 {trying out grandma's new swings, they were a hit}

 {sill trying to figure out how to move. he learned how to crawl on this trip}

 {everyone was loving the baby snuggles}

 {baby Nixon and Londynn}

 {these two are just destined to be cousin besties}

{Kinsey has such long beautiful hair, and she's so tiny it's funny to see her carry her big baby}

These cousins sure had a grand time playing together.

 {family dinners are the best}

 {big hugs for grandma}

{man, that view}


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