Saturday, June 6, 2015

Florida day trip

I'm skipping from the trip at the beginning of May to a trip at the end of May.
I'll have to do a re-cap post on the rest of the month later.

We took a day trip to Florida this past Saturday to visit Curt's family.
Curt's sister, Katherine, graduated high school.
And May is beautiful.

{the balloons from the graduation party the night before were a hit with the kids}

We were going to take the kids to some fountains to play in, but there was a market going on in that spot and the water was off.
So we went to the beach and had Pollo Tropical (my favorite fast food chicken, rice, and beans in the world).
It was really wonderful.

{there was a lot of sea weed washed up plus some marked off sea turtle nests}


{"look mama, I in da ocean"}


After the beach we had a yummy homemade fruit ice cream concoction for my birthday (which was the next day).
A little bit of hanging out at the house and we were on a flight back home.

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