Tuesday, June 23, 2015

in Boston: day one

In the last post I covered our weekend, but happily we got to stay a couple more days.
Monday we picked up Kinsey and Nixon (one of the best things we did this trip was rent an SUV with a third row), went to lunch with Lane at a diner near his work, and then explored Boston Commons and the surrounding areas.
The point of this was twofold; one, we wanted to see it, and two, we were meeting up with a couple of our cousins that evening in the park and we were scoping it out for a spot to do so.


{a feast for my eyes. pretty, pretty, pretty}


We took a break to let the kids out a bit. The older kids got the treat of riding a carousel.

 {city squirrels, always staring you down for food}

In the evening Lane caught up with us, we ordered pizza, and our cousins Morgan (and her husband Sam) and Nicole (and her husband Matt and baby Edith) were good enough to come visit with us.
Morgan (who I didn't get a picture of, darn it) is a cousin on my mom's side and Nicole is a cousin from my dad's side.
Coincidentally enough they found out that they go to church with each other in the same ward.
It was so fun to get together.

{Kins, Lane, McKay, me, Edith, Matt, Nicole}


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Carolyn said...

So fun to see!! I know Nicole was way excited to get together with you guys. Boston looks beautiful! I am really hoping we can get there while Nicole and Matt are still there. Great pictures!

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