Monday, June 22, 2015

Harvard and Cape Cod

Lane is doing a summer internship in Boston so at the beginning of June we went up to visit.
We flew into Providence and Jenni and family were kind enough to be our home base.
 Saturday we joined Lane in poking around Cambridge and Harvard campus a bit.
(Kinsey was flying back from New York that night)
Then, Sunday, after going to church in Rhode Island we met up with Lane and Kinsey in Cape Cod.

{the only parking spot we could find had the sidewalk closed off with this fence, joint effort to push the fence in enough that I could reach to feed the meter}

I'm probably going to bore you with building pictures, but I couldn't get enough.
So many pretty things.

{Curt is a rock star and schleps around all of the kids so I can take pictures}

{things were flowering all over, I guess June is late Spring in the north east}


{Curt's lobster roll. He liked it, I didn't}

{baby cousins}

{the beach had many ocean tossed rocks, some were very neat colors}

{Nixon kept falling over and he liked it, so funny)

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