Thursday, June 11, 2015

the rest of May

Here's a snippet of what our lives looked like in May, minus our trips to Utah and Florida.

Mother's Day was good


The baby was cute.


We enjoyed some pretty weather at the park with friends.

We planted some flowers.
The marigolds are currently rocking it, the petunias have nearly all died.

We did the annual pressure washing.


Desmond is starting to color in the lines pretty darn good.

We did a whole lot of things on the house.

I made curtains for the kitchen...

...tiled and put together the last torn apart bathroom... a diseased tree taken down that was too close to the house...

{McKay watching the tree come down} the gutters and roof cleaned, got a new chimney cap installed, painted many walls, and had some rotted siding repaired.

We lit off some sparklers on Memorial Day.

{Evie's in a I'll-dress-myself and pull-out-my-hairdo kind of phase, still cute}

Mckay's an expert crawler and is pulling himself up on things.

I turned 31.

Good month.

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