Wednesday, June 24, 2015

in Boston: day two

First, a note about the time we got to spend with family in Rhode Island.
We love them.
There's a pretty big age gap between Curt and his cousins (they're pre-teens and teens), so they call him their uncle-cousin. They love and are so good with the kids.
Curt's pretty cute with them too, he was excited to get up and take them to school.
(they're in school until the end of June, weird)
Being in their home is so comfortable and nice. Jenni spent a lot of time reading books to the little ones over and over at their request.
I enjoyed listening to the evening conversation and banter.

{little ballerina dance party}

Late Tuesday morning we headed into Boston again with Kinsey to explore a little more.
Highlights: hitting Hanover street and stopping at Modern Pastry (I loved the strawberry cheesecake), eating lunch at Anna's taqueria (a new favorite), wandering around Quincy Market. 


We said a quick goodbye to Lane after he got home from work and then flew out early Wednesday morning.


 Super fun visit.

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