Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lane's accident...back in September

So, this blog is kind of my journal, and I just remembered an incident that I didn't record that I would like to.
Way back in September, about a month before his wedding...the night of Kinsey's bridal shower to be exact...Lane got some boo boos.
You see, he was long boarding down a trail in Provo canyon without a helmet {you see where this is going, right?} and he crashed. 
None of his friends saw the crash, they found him after.
He apparently looked OK besides some scratches, but then kept asking the same question over again.

{bless you Cam, for ignoring his protests and getting him medical help}
For he crashed so good that he doesn't remember how it happened, and doesn't remember a good portion of the ambulance ride to the hospital.
His list of injuries was kind of huge for how good he looked:
  • fractured skull {!!}
  • bruised lung which turned into collapsed lung, requiring a chest tube {!!}
  • internal ear stuff from the fracture {!}
  • broken collar bone
  • probable broken rib(s)
  • cuts and bruises
My dad called the next morning to let me know what happened.
I was just going on with a normal Carmen-Dad conversation even a few seconds after he told me, until my mind did one of those stutter things where you go "wait...what did you just say?".

*realization of the fragility of life*

Lane would say I'm being a little dramatic, but seriously, a crash with enough force to fracture a skull had the potential for worse.

{Thank you Mom, and Jann, and Dad, and Deborah (Kinsey's mom) for sending me status updates and pictures}

And so there's the story. He was in the hospital for something like 4 or 5 days.  Followed by a long, long time of healing. He still had yellowish bruising of his whole upper chest/shoulder area when I came out for his wedding and was stiff enough that getting dressed was sometimes a challenge.

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