Thursday, November 10, 2011


This year we went to Florida for Halloween.
I'm down with the perfect temperatures, very different from the nigh unto freezing ones I'm used to.

I thought of many fun and adorable costumes for Des' first try at this, but then did not put forth the effort to do any of them. I tell myself that it was because it would have been a pain to figure out how to get anything complex down to Florida and that we wouldn't have had room anyways (we were traveling Delta, and I didn't want to pay baggage fees, so we only checked a car light travelers I tell you).  While all of that is true, it's mainly because I was lazy.
But, he made a mighty cute little Tigger the tiger.

Curt took him trick-or-treating down his parents street.
Des was happy the whole time...he had his fist securely tightened around a pen in one hand the entire time, but did actually use the other to pick treats out of bowls.

Halloween is not a holiday I have ever really liked (I hate the dark, don't like scary things, and generally am not given to having an excess of treats or crowds around), but I do like crafty fun and so I really enjoyed decorating this pumpkin with cream puffy paint and gold glitter glue.

I also liked Curt's little sister, Megan's, costume.
She was a donut, which I think is really original.

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Ashley said...

He made an adorable Tigger! I remember seeing the bag, or really purse, you had packed for a trip one time when we were living in Carriage Cove. I was completely astonished that anyone, let alone a woman, could pack so lightly. You should teach a class. :)

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