Friday, November 11, 2011

Florida Trip

We hadn't seen Curt's family in a little bit, so we planned a trek out to Florida.
We found that we could save a couple hundred bucks by flying into Orlando instead of West Palm Beach, so it was a double good thing when Grandpa and Grandma Hogie were amenable to picking us up and heading down for a long weekend visit (the first good thing being that we were able to see them).

Desmond got to meet his cousin Riley on this trip too.  Alison and the baby were there when we got there and Jeff flew in for the weekend too (he's doing training in Baltimore for his new job).

I got my Pollo Tropical (an amazing {at least to me} fast food place that serves chicken, beans, and rice) fix while we were there...went twice.

We went to a carnival at the local elementary school on Friday.  I love that Curt loves to wear the boy.

Saturday we went to the beach for a picnic.
The temperature was so great and there was a pleasant stiff breeze coming off of the water.
Oh, and speaking of the water, look at the beautiful pretty.

There were photo ops a plenty.

The babies were tuckered out and both slept on the ride home.

Sunday was church and family pictures {we missed you Andrew}

Shauna's friend Lois took this picture of Des and titled it "future entertainer".

Needless to say, I love it.

We headed home on Tuesday after concluding a supremely enjoyable visit.
Desmond has been to Utah three times, to Phoenix, Chicago, and now Florida.  He has been a really, really good traveler.  But on the flight home we had 15-felt-like-an-eternity-minutes straight of crying, the wailing kind of crying.  So I'm kind of glad that was the last trip we have planned for this year.


KYoho said...

Jeff is in love with Pollo tropical, too. He looks forward to going there every time we've gone to Florida! You look great, by the way! So glad you guys got to go, I'm already wanting warm weather and its only November =(

Alan said...

Love the composition and light of that first picture of Curt and baby.

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