Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Master Bedroom: Doily Art

So back in August I got to visit my Grandparents house in Phoenix.
I admire my grandma so much, she is seriously one of the best homemakers I know.
So, she crochets doilies, and they are serious works of art.
I told her that if she ever had an extra one on hand I would love to own one someday.
She took me to a treasure drawer and told me to have my pick.

I was a glutton and picked four.

They make such a gorgeous statement on my wall, and they are cherished all the more because of who created them.

To make it an impactful display, I bought four poster frames from Target, painted the hardboard backing black, and centered the doilies {attached with a small dab of hot glue}.

I think it is some awesome graphic art.

I've been working on finishing out other areas of our room.
I made some more canvas drapes {like in our guest bedroom and nursery} for both windows.
I also put up a section of bamboo blind above each {again, like in the nursery}.

I also bought two wall mounted lights from the Lakeside Collection.  They were a steal and came in for under $50 for both, even with shipping.
{item # 915032015, looks like they might not be selling them anymore though, bummer}

 It's a start...but I still have a ways to go in this room.
What do you think?


Sheena C. said...

Those doilies look fantastic on the wall. And I never thought to paint the back of the picture frames. I love it!

Shauna said...

Love these!!! What a treasure.

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