Monday, November 14, 2011

Lane & Kinsey's Wedding

So it's a bit past a month later, but I still wanted to post about Lane and Kinsey's wedding on October 6th.

They got married in the Salt Lake Temple on a cold rainy morning.

But besides the rain, everything was perfect that day {at least all that I know of}

 So beautiful, so happy.

 The photographer shot just a couple pictures outside at the temple, and then we scurried our wet little behinds into the Joseph Smith Memorial Building to dry off and get a few more.
{Curt got me some hot cocoa, I love him}

There was a family luncheon at the Lion House afterwards {love their rolls}

The reception was held at Highland Gardens.  I had never heard of it before, but it was a really neat place.

Lane, Kinsey, and 'the boyz'
Andrew, Jake, Chad, Cameron, Shaun, and Scott

The third wedding cake I've made this year {and ever}
I think I'm getting better, but this is likely the end of my cake career...I'm running out of unmarried siblings.

Ellie and Jex rocking out

Zan and Mia

Heading out for the evening.

Congratulations my little brother!

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