Saturday, November 28, 2009

one year in Michigan House

Well, we've done it.

We've hit a first time milestone in the course of our marriage.

we have now lived in the same place for a whole year!


Let's review what we have done in the home in that year, shall we?

We have:

This is a good start.

Here are my goals for the next year:

  • Paint some more. I want to paint the two guest bedrooms this year, and maybe the front room.

  • Accessorize. My walls are still wide open. I have a whole shelf in one of the bedroom closets full of framed art...but most of it is small scale and of a style that I will only be using it in the two guest bedrooms as they are finished. So, I need to force myself to spend some of my monthly household budget on stuff that finishes a room. It's hard though. I love accessories...but I *absolutely adore* the high-impact-low-cost paint projects. I'm addicted. I just have to keep telling myself "you can't take the paint on the walls with you when you move next, only the stuff that is not permanently attached".
  • Flesh out the Yard. We got the bulk of a basic yard put in this year, but in the next year I want to make it pretty.

Alrighty, I will check back to this post in one year and we'll see how many of the goals we meet.

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