Monday, November 30, 2009


So, we had the opportunity for a quick trip out to California.
Leaving Michigan for California is always a good idea, especially if the dates fall between November and April.

I'm not so good at the story telling with pictures, so I'll just hit you with the random pics and maybe give a blurb about each, OK?

So, 3rd Street in Santa Monica is called the Promenade. It is an outdoor shopping mall that has most any store you could wish for. I spent some quality time drooling in Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware.

For breakfast we ate at the cutest little old timey diner named Callahan's. I loved it so very much.

So, looks are deceiving. From our hotel, the beach looked just one street over. Which was the case...kind of...but when you approached the beach you found a completely hidden highway (pacific coast highway) you had to cross to get to it.

The Santa Monica pier.

On the pier they happened to be having some sort of car show. Mostly gangsta style :)

...but a few of the variety that I think are beautiful.

While there we were able to meet up with some friends for dinner.
We went to this new-ish place called RockSugar, and I am in love. Try the princess chicken, you won't regret it.

Brian, Me, Curt, Derek
*love* these boys so much.

Derek and a lady friend, Tori.

*sorry for fuzzy pictures, but I wanted to document the cool atmosphere without ruining said atmosphere for others, so no flash*

And that is about it.
It was a great break with lovely views.
Note to self, you may a few months that you hate red eye flights. Please do your best to resist the low cost temptation.

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