Monday, November 16, 2009

Closet Makeover

So, you know the point that you get to where you walk into your closet, scrutinize every piece of clothing you own, and say to yourself "I just don't want to wear any of these again"?

Well, I had just gotten to that point when a good friend of ours asked me "so I have a couple bags of clothes that don't fit anymore and are destined for goodwill, do you want them?".

Ummm, let me think about that. YES PLEASE.

So, a "few" bags turned out to be six.
And there were a lot of really, really awesome clothes that fit me perfectly.
Gosh that's cool.

Well, this lovely turn of events brought a focus on the closet, and I decided that our closet needed a bit of organizational help.

So, after a trip to IKEA, the organizational Mecca, we were ready to at least start the project (because, can you ever really be done organizing?).

First, I took out everything I didn't want in the closet.
Then I put up some shelves underneath my hanging items so I could put pants where I can reach them easily. I think one of the reasons the high shelf got so messy was because I am short and it is hard to reach all the stuff. To get stuff up there I sometimes had to resort to tossing.

While at IKEA we found some neat holders for another problem area, Curt's ironing station.

Pause: when you are mounting anything on a wall you need this tool.

It is a stud finder.
But it's not actually its stud finding ability that I value most, but its feature of telling you when you are near or over electrical wires. I can put an anchor in drywall not backed by a stud, but I can cause some serious damage that is dangerous/hard to fix if I drill through a wire.
Get one. It's $20.

End Pause.

So, using the glorious, no-word IKEA directions, I knew that I needed to mount a metal plate to the wall.

Kind of annoying that no IKEA item comes with its own screws, but I always have a few packs of screws/drywall anchors on hand, so no biggie.

My tool selection for this job.

Drill, drill bits, hammer, screws, anchors, stud finder.

I decided where I wanted the iron holder to be and found that there were no studs behind it. I decided that two drywall anchors would hold the weight needed.

As you can see I also mounted a small basket to stick the spray starch in.

So let's remember the before...

...and here is the current view of my side of the closet:

{Wowsa, that is sure some reflective stuff on my favorite CAT hat, huh?}

Before, Curt's side...

...and after:

Leaving a whole entire empty top shelf exposed.
I think I might get a bunch of baskets with labels to fill this space, but I kind of like how the white upper walls reflect the light, it is so much brighter now.

So, what do you think?


Anonymous said...

Now let me think... maybe I could make more room for more stuff in my closet. Yes, I think that I could free up more space... And I like the idea of baskets on the top shelf. Baskets full of Dewalt power tools...

Britney said...

It looks great! You're so good at getting stuff done. Brock's good at that too. I'm good at thinking about getting stuff done.

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