Sunday, January 4, 2009

Holiday Vacation Project #2

As you will recall, I painted two walls of our master bedroom a blue color when we first moved in.
If not, here is a refresher picture. This color is Behr color 740F-4 Dark Storm Cloud.

Well, our two other walls looked like this:

So, I painted them two darker blue colors that were on the same paint chip.

Above is the before-named light blue and a middle blue Behr color 740F-6 Marine Magic.
Below is the middle blue and the darkest blue, Behr color 740F-7 Night Shade.

This project still isn't complete. On the dark-dark wall I am planning a mural of aspen trees in metallics. That one is going to take a long time though.


Sharee said...

I LOVE it!!

Ashley Cooper said...

So I'd like your advice. We're going to be painting our bedroom and were thinking about painting two walls Romantic Isle 590D-4 (Behr) and the other two walls Mystic River 590C-3. What do you think? Good, great, awful, so-so? (I was inspired by this project, which is why I'd like your input.) Or maybe we'll just do one wall in the darker color...

Carmen said...


Are you trying to match something like a bedding set? If you aren't and are flexible on color I would maybe suggest toning down the brightness of the color, stuff looks so much more saturated once it gets up on a big wall. If you go to the behr chart that includes your colors ( I would look at combos in the same family but one step more neutral (like 590E-3 Hyacinth Tint and 590F-4 Cloudberry, or 580E-3 Sweet Blue and 580F-4 River Valley).
Don't think that I will be offended if you don't do this though, I do like the colors you picked out and I definitely don't think that they would look bad. Go with what you like :)

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