Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Nina - due date correction

In my last post I had forgotten to account for the fact that they've moved Melynda's due date from the end of April to the beginning of April...so she's actually at 29 or 30 weeks.


Wiberg 5 said...

Hey Carmen! I was just getting caught up. Sorry about your cold. Yikes! Does Melinda know what she is having? Good luck with the rest of winter. I hope it is a short one (for your sake).

Carmen said...

Yeah, Melynda is having a baby girl who she is going to name Brielle DeEtte.

Nykelle said...

Thank you for the cheese cloth tip! We will definitely do that next time! Sometimes I forget that I have a friend (you) that knows how to do all that stuff! That is so fun to see your sister's growing belly progress! Your comment about the boobs made me laugh so hard!

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