Saturday, January 24, 2009

Detroit Auto Show: THE SETS

The cars, yeah they're cool.
But the elaborate things the car makers put together to showcase the cars...even cooler.

Any guess as to what this is?
Kind of looks like fireworks from this angle.

Does this angle help?

They're fantastically neat optic chandeliers in the Jaguar area.

Pretty flowers abound.

Big projection screens...check
Flashy lights...check
Attention grabbing signs...check
Floors made of every material and color under the sun...check

Oh, but oh, the Lexus display took the design cake in my opinion.
That's falling water encasing the Lexus sign...and aspen trunks...divine.

Looking to the upper floor of the Lexus area.

...they had river rock and cherry stained wood displays...

...and walls of this beautiful faux stone brick...
...a grand staircase and dashes of chic stainless steel...


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