Sunday, January 4, 2009

Holiday Vacation Project #1

I've had from December 25th, 2008 till tomorrow, January 5th, 2009 off of work. That's apparently how they roll at the University of Michigan.
So, I got some good projects done while Curt was at work (I guess I did work on things a little while he was home).

Project #1: Well, when we moved here we did it by relo-cube. Things were very tight, so many heavy objects were placed on this dresser for the cross-country travel. Somehow the heaviness caused the following gap.

I did not like the gap, so I took out the drawers, flipped the dresser over, dabbed in some glue, and piled on a lot of our monstrous college text books.

After a day of sitting I put everything back together and it was all better.

If you are going to try this at home, here are a couple of pointers:
1. Only put in a small amount of wood glue, as it is going to be smashed and the excess just drips out onto everything.
2. I had to push the wood together (read: stand on, sit on, wiggle around a lot) before stacking stuff on top.
3. If you have little kids please don't let them play around this, I could just imagine the hundreds of pounds of books tumbling over...not a pretty picture.

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