Tuesday, December 16, 2008

some updated house progress pics

I took these last night, and night time is not the optimal for pictures.
Oh well, as Shaners would say, "you get what you get and you don't throw a fit".

I love how this wall of windows turned out.
The curtains and rod? Less than $35.
The whole thing, including the blinds? Less than $100.

OK, I know we have a whole lot of blank going on, but most of our big wall hangings are sitting in my Mom's house in Utah, so they are going to stay blank until we drive out there or until I cannot stand it and get crafty to fix it. It's a toss up how it will end.

This is the master bedroom. I made this bedding set for the guest bedroom at our old house, but we ended up liking it so much that we put it in ours here.

Don't mind the pillows and towel sitting on the tub, maybe I should have shut the door on my mess :)

Curt says we still have room on our floor for a wrestling mat.
While it is very nice to have lots of extra space, I don't think that I will be using it for a wrestling mat any time soon.

The loft is still messy, but here is the start of the library.

This is our guest bedroom, we are ready for any of you to come and stay!

Well, that is what I have for today. Happy Tuesday.


Alicia said...

Your bedroom wall is lovely, especially with the dark furniture for contrast. You are so talented! I also love the window treatment, but want to hear more info. on the nice couch you got there. Where did you get it?

Carmen said...

The couches we actually got at Costco, but the brand is Natuzzi (I think I spelled that right) if you want to look and see if they are available elsewhere. We had been looking and looking for leather couches (I was very picky about what I wanted, so it had been several months and many stores), but then we went to Costco for a hot dog...and the rest is history, we had them squished into our apartment the next day.

Carmen said...

go to http://www.natuzzieditions.com/collections/collection.aspx?collection_id=1175
to see the closest I could find.

Nykelle said...

Oh my goodness it's beautiful! Carmen the inside looks amazing! I LOVE your dark blinds... nice choice! And all the dark furniture is gorgeous! Keep sending the pics I love it!

Kiki said...

Hey Carmen Your house is looking great! I need your address for my Christmas cards will you email it to me my email is hatchcrystal@hotmail.com thanks tell curt hi for me!

Brock & Kim said...

Everything looks beautiful! Congrats on being HOME!

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