Monday, December 22, 2008


So, it snowed a lot last Friday.
It was pretty impressive with the totals per hour, but honestly you would have thought it was much worse by the Michigander reaction...offices closing, stranded cars, etc.
I have concluded that Utah handles snow much better, ie they have plows (which they actually use as opposed to having them ineffectually drive around with the blade up scattering great-salt-lake-amounts of salt ensuring that all cars are buckets of rust) and an organized plan.
I don't think I appreciated it as much until I moved here.
One of my co-workers succictly summed it up when I met them by asking "so what could possibly bring you to this decaying state".

The pile of snow to the right of our car?
Yeah, that's the entrance to our driveway. We had a little bit of digging to do before having the option of parking in our garage.
I like shoveling snow.


Sheena Chaston said...

Utah does a better job of snow removal than Madison, WI too. I guess that the snow plow guys must be unionized or something and have certain hours for working because rather than get up extra early when the snow is falling, they decide to wait to begin plowing until everyone is heading out for their morning commute. But what I hate more than snow season is after the snow melts and pothole season begins...

Carmen said...

Oh yeah, the potholes are nasty and dangerous. Really bad. One of our friends when they first moved here actually bent their rim in one of the gigantic ones.

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