Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What a relief..

We are so glad to be out of our apartment and into our house!
While we still do not have internet at the house, I figured I'd stay late at work and post since I just cannot stand to not to for sooo long.
The following are pictures of the apartment we were living in for 9. long. months.
And yes, the boxes were like this the whole time. Please don't judge :)

Disclaimer: It is slightly messier than usual as we were getting loads ready to take to the house.

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Sheena Chaston said...

At least you're out of it now. We've been in ours for two and a half, staring at another two in it, and probably another 2-3 years in one somewhere else. Graduate students don't make much money...You're new house looks beautiful from what you've posted!

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