Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Well, I see now that I have a lot of pictures of projects in progress, but I neglected to capture the TA DA finished look. I will have to take pictures and do another post. But for now I will give "Hostetler Thanksgiving '08" and a glimpse at one or two projects.

These are my pretty "moving in flowers" that Curt got me.

We had Thanksgiving at our house with another couple in the ward (church congregation) we were moving out of.

It was a blast.

At that point we had only moved our kitchen, dining room, and some of my tools.

Plus we didn't have a refrigerator yet. Don't worry, it's cold enough here that our garage served the purpose just fine.

Mmmmmm, food.

While waiting for food to cook, I hung these blinds in the living room.

Sneak peek: this is our master bedroom that I now have two walls done in.

(I'm going to paint the other two walls different colors)


Lori said...

How exciting to move into your very own house! I guess you have already done it once, but I bet this is just as exciting! What kind of blinds are those and where did you get them? I am looking for some for our apt.

Carmen said...

We got them on a 50% off sale at a local wal-mart-esque chain called Meijer (around $17 bucks each). But I've seen similar at Walmart and Lowes and Home Depot so you just have to watch for the sales there. Thanks Lori!

Kiki said...

Hey guys Sorry its taken me so long to right back. It looks like you two are doing so good! I miss you guys tons! If you ever get back to visit Good old Utah you better call me!!! Your house looks so cute. Congrats! Well stay toasty warm and keep in touch have a great Christmas! Love you guys lots, Crystal Hatch (Stander)or KIKI

Alicia said...

It looks awesome. I'm so happpy you got to celebrate Thanksgiving in your house! How cool is that that you are painting your own room?! I've yet to experience that (we're still in an apartment). That is great! You're an inspiration!

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