Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday, Sunday....

So today was a beautiful day in Michigan. The temperature was perfect and the trees here are turning amazing fire colors.

This is us in the church parking lot this morning.

After church we went for a drive before heading home. I love so many of the neighborhoods in Ann Arbor and try to go exploring as much as possible.

I LOVE this house.

This is actually the church institute building that I am taking a class at on Wednesday nights while Curt is in one of his MBA classes. It is literally across the street from the new University of Michigan business school. Next door is a large frat house. How is that for contrast.

This is the new U of M business school.
I think that it is an eyesore. Especially when placed among all of the other beautiful, classically styled buildings on campus like the one I showcased in this post (it is right across the street in the other direction from the institute building).

Dad, this is for you. I know how you admire all things generator.

Last thing. Earlier this week there was frost on our car.
I know all you Utahns got some snow this past week so I shouldn't be saying gross, but it is still how I feel. Not looking forward to the winter which is as long as the other three seasons combined.

I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend.


KYoho said...

Carmen, I like your bangs!

Carmen said...

Thanks Kendra!

Sheena Chaston said...

Your instute building is much cooler looking than our institute building at UW-Madison. I also like the bangs!

Kimberly said...

That house that you "LOVE" looks amazing. At least the outside is very beautiful. I think I want you to design my next house, so far I agree wholeheartedly with your taste.

Carmen said...


Yeah the institute building is cool. Kinda smells inside like old folks home, but cool.


I'm flattered. We'll see how you like all the projects I have planned for the house as I find the time and the means. Thanks much.

Casey and Kaydee said...

You're so cute little Carmen! We miss you around here and your house is looking pretty incredible... way to go!!

Carmen said...

Thanks Kaydee...wait till you see what I have in mind for some of the art projects to go in there will like them (I hope) since you're all artsy fartsy like that. Although someday when I'm rich and famous I might be able to afford a Kaydee Gehrke original to hang on my wall. Ha, I am a goof.

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