Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Siding + deliveries

So, we have been watching another house go up that was about two months ahead of our house. On that one, the siding crew took its time, so we were expecting the same thing.
Between yesterday and today they have all but one small section done, so they'll finish tomorrow morning.

The trim package, including doors, has been dropped off.

So have the cabinets!

The siding people sure had some nice, expensive scaffolding.

Piano room.

These are our countertops for the upstairs bathrooms.
Oooh, I like. I think that they will look good with our flooring.

Oh, and Curt said that my last "it's turning majorly fall" picture didn't look majorly fall, so here's a better one.


Brock said...

dude, can you believe it was 8 years ago we were leaving the MTC for Venezuela?! the house is looking good. get some.

Curt Hostetler said...

Brock-8 years...crazy. How about this one...this coming summer marks 10 years since we started at BYU. I got to practice my Spanish the other day with a Cuban client...you probably get to speak a lot more than me. I haven't found too many Spanish speakers in Michigan other than other returned missionaries in our ward. Congrats again on the baby, hope everything keeps going smoothly with that.

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