Saturday, October 11, 2008

installing the deliveries

This week they finished (mostly) the exterior of the house and installed the cabinets, some of the countertops, and all of the doors and trim.

Woot-woo, we have cabinets...and they are pretty.

Look at all of this storage.

Their trim subcontractor is a good one. The outside corners were all even like this...

...and the inside corners are all tight and coped.

They installed all the trim on the window seat and on the window sills.

Master bathroom. I think one day I will be painting these cabinets...but we'll see.

Closet and window in the back guest bedroom.

Closets in the front guest bedroom.

We've been the only house in the subdivision being built, but in the last couple weeks three holes have been dug on our street and they are moving forward with construction. Yay for having neighbors!

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