Saturday, October 18, 2008

granite + trims

So, just to warn you, this is an extremely long post. But I am so excited about every little thing that they did in the past two days that I have to mention them all. Sorry.

They came back and finished the last section of soffit and fascia (the portion in between the two upper windows).

They did the final grade, including backfilling the section of dirt that had settled with the rains.

Probably the most exciting thing is the granite countertop installation!

Isn't it beautiful?

Stainless sink and Oil-rubbed bronze Moen faucet.

The can lighting was finished in the kitchen and the living room.

This light in the eating area...

...and this light in what will be the piano room will be switching spots just as soon as I can get my hands onto them.

Stairwell light.

Wow, I know my paint skills leave much to be desired, but here is an illustration on where I'm going to be moving this light after we move in. Having it offset like it currently is is not an option if I want to keep my sanity. I know, I'm weird.
It's also wired for a fan, so we'll be getting one of those.

Master bathroom.

So, I've found that this is the case with most production builders, but the standard plumbing suppliers do not have oil-rubbed bronze caps and drain trim. I will have to find a specialty store and do it myself, because my OCDness will not allow this for long.

Back guest room.

Guest bathroom.

Powder bath on the main floor.

This is cool. So they have labeled where each stem on the duct work goes, and we can turn off specific ones we don't want to use with the handles that are pointed out.

Oh yeah, we have a manifold system baby!
This basically means that we have a home run line to each and every spot that gets water, and we can turn them off individually.

And they are labeled nice too.

We also have the breakers in, we just don't have power because DTE (the power company here) is still being frustrating and have still not moved the transformer from out of where the driveway should be. Grrrrr.

Here's that offending box.

Hey, but everything else is looking wonderful. I really like these exterior lights.

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