Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Since we are being boring this Halloween night (we went to the gym and now we are hanging out like any other night), I thought that I would post some pictures from Halloweens past.

Melynda being some sort of crazy school class officer and me being a gypsy.

David is a bleeding patient, Tony as a ghoul, Lane as a vampire, and me as an unenthused something.

*Love* this. Shane (firefighter) and Dad.
Shane is just too cute, I hate missing him on days like today.

My Mina as a fairy.

Jeff as a pumpkin and Curt as the devil.

Me as a little ghost.

Curt as a cute superman.

Me as a witch (again, too cool to smile), Lane as a girl, Melynda as a really fun gypsy, and David as a pumpkin.

Well, I hope you all have a fun Halloween!
Maybe next year we'll be doing something to at least put us in the Halloweeny mood as we will have a house.

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