Saturday, June 21, 2008

Wedding Pictures

Here are Jeff and Alison coming out of the temple.

And here are the million cameras waiting for them.

Family shot: Curt, Carmen, Megan, Jeff, Alison, Shauna, Katherine, Ron, Andrew.

I love candid shots...they tell a better story even if everyone looks funny.

The wedding party.

The boys, assuming "the position".

Temples have such beautiful grounds.

Ron, the videographer.

Leah and Megan.

Curt and Megan.

Andrew and Leah.

President Hoglund, the Orlando temple president.
(aka, grandpa)
He performed the marriage and did a beautiful job.

Katherine and Leah.

Beautiful, happy day.

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The Little Hiatt Family said...

LOVE the blue!! and the temple is breath taking

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