Monday, June 16, 2008

The Orlando Temple

Beautiful, inside and out.
You should see the chandeliers inside, they are exquisite.
Not to forget the fact that it is a special building for spiritual reasons also.
I love temples.

I caught it in one of the deep gray cloudy moments and I love the contrast.


staci annie said...

beautiful picture!

Cathi said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Florida has the most amazing skies.
I too love the chandeliers. I have been trying to find a photo of them. If you ever come across one please let me know.

Sharee said...

WOW - beautiful! I have never seen a picture of this one, that I can remember, but I would really love to see it in person... maybe someday

Shauna said...

This is a beautiful photo. There is nothing like Florida skies and the summer afternoon storms

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