Monday, June 2, 2008


I've already discussed how I am terrible with surprises, I don't like them. So for my birthday I made a book with our wedding pictures and had it made. I had it shipped to Curt's work, but he is wonderful and knows how I'm not very good at surprises, so yes, I did get to see this before my birthday.
I love it.
I think that I may have to do one of these each year, as this is way easier than scrap booking and I like the professional look of it better.

It was a very enjoyable, low-key birthday, with lots of birthday wishes from family.

Funny thing is, I have truly thought that I was already 24 for the past 6 months, to the point of telling people when they ask how old I am and then having to correct myself and look like an idiot.
What a weirdo :)


staci annie said...

Happy late birthday! Hopefully you got to eat lots of ice cream! I love the book!! Where did you make it?

Carmen said..., awesome huh. You just download their book editing software for free, do your thing, then submit it back to them and order as many or as little as you want. This was about $40 something dollars for over 90 pages with the hardback cover with image wrap. You can do little books with soft covers though for like $14.

Shauna said...

Mine arrived today!!! It is BEAUTIFUL!
Love you!

Carmen said...

I'm so glad you liked it!

katie kortman said...

Hey! what site did you make that on? I like its simplicity. Some of the ones I have seen before are too cutesy and hokey. I have been wanting to make one, but I want it very simple like that.... It looks nice!

Carmen said...

the program I used has some real fru fru crap templates too, but I love a simple black background and was really glad they offered one.

Jann said...

Carmen, that's fru fru Krap with a capitaol K. I love the book, it's so much nicer than scrapbooking. What a great find. It looks so professional. I can't wait to have some made. Thanks for the tip!

Carmen said...

Hey...Jann, you commented! Way to go, Lane's afraid commenting is beyond him so he just reads.

Brock & Kim said...

Hey Carma! Happy Birthday by the way! I love the book, it's dang cute. What's the website that you used to make it? Was it super expensive to do?

Carmen said...

Hey Kimba, Happy late Birthday right back at you! I made this on They have a price sheet there, it all depends on what size you want, how many pages you want, and what kind of cover you want.

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